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lega software solutions

Legal Software Solutions Handbook [Types, Pricing & More]

Like all businesses, law firms are always looking for ways to become more efficient. If you can be...

lawyer flat fee

5 Benefits of Lawyer Flat Fee & Other Types of AFAs

As lawyers, we’re all intimately familiar with the billable hour. Charging clients solely based on...

legal e billing software

3 Ways Legal e Billing Software Can Better Support AFA

How do you currently bill your clients? Maybe you’re one of a growing number of lawyers that has...

legal tech companies

The Present and Future of Legal Tech Companies - An Overview

Find something to hang onto because the legal industry is actively being shaken up. via GIPHY

 value based pricing vs cost based pricing

Value Based Pricing vs Cost Based Pricing in the Legal Field

When you became a lawyer, did you think that there would be such an emphasis on pricing your...

law firm time and billing software

4 Solutions to Law Firm Time and Billing Software Challenges

Even in today’s day and age, the billable hour still lingers as a prevalent model for charging...

how to increase law firm utilization rate

How to Increase Law Firm Utilization Rate [7 Pro Tips]

Law firm success in modern times depends on how well you can both give price certainty to your...

contingency fee

A Guide on Contingency Fee as a Valued-Based Billing Option

If you grew up in a certain era (aka the 90s) you might remember being woke up at 3 a.m. by an...

Law Firm Knowledge Management

6 Benefits of Law Firm Knowledge Management

Law firm knowledge management has never been more important. Imagine being able to take a lawyer’s...

Billable Hours Law Firm

Everything You Need to Know About Billable Hours Law Firm

Abraham Lincoln once said, “A lawyer’s time and advice are his stock in trade”. And while ol’ Abe...

Legal Industry Pricing Trends Report 2023

Surveying legal professionals across the world, the report showcases how AFAs are contributing to increased profits for firms, better use of technology, and better work-life balance and working conditions for legal professionals.