Per User / Per Month
Billed Monthly (USD)
Includes 50 Priced Projects per month
The $39 per user / per month charge includes the number of priced projects mentioned here (which varies based on the number of users), and any priced projects in addition to the included amount will be charged at $10 USD per priced project.
  • Customizable Template Guidelines
    Build out guidelines for every type of project your firm completes, fully customized to fit your practice
  • Price and Save Client Projects
  • Maintain a Record of All Priced Projects
  • Ongoing AltFee Insights
    Access to AltFee Insights, which includes knowledge sharing and strategy based on learnings AltFee has been exposed to
  • Pricing Officer Authority
    Provide specific users with the authority to update your custom guidelines
  • Recent Activity Page
  • Exceptional Support via Email, Phone and Video Call
  • Access to AFA Resources
  • Unlimited Access to AltFee’s Guideline Database
    Get a head start with your guideline templates using AltFee’s database of different guideline types and common factors for those types of projects
  • Calculate Total Fees
    Use the calculation feature to quickly add up fees
  • Collaboration Insights
    Insights allow you to collaborate, mentor and strategize with your team members asynchronously
  • Guideline Bookmarks
    Create your personal favorite guidelines to quickly access your most commonly used project types
  • Unlimited Pricing Officer Users
  • Onboarding Demos
  • Regular Reporting
  • Unconditional 60-day Money Back Guarantee