About AltFee

Built by legal professionals with over 60 years of combined industry experience


Lawyers and legal professionals demand better working conditions and a guaranteed work-life balance, while still being able to provide their clients with quality service. With Alternative Fee Arrangement pricing taking the legal industry by storm, there were likely to be gaps in the efficiency of this new pricing model.


Enter the team at AltFee, a group of legal professionals with over 60 years of combined experience within the legal industry. The trio identified that law firms needed a tool for their AFAs that provides knowledge management and collaboration, meaning that pricing structures can be organized, but the software also provides a location to collaborate with mentors and colleagues for better legal pricing.


Thus, AltFee was born. It’s more than just a piece of legal tech scoping and pricing software; it’s a collaboration tool that gives law firms, legal professionals, and clients peace of mind when it comes to legal pricing.

The Founding Team at AltFee

DLCO_team_portraits_template_0019_Digby R. Leigh
Digby R. Leigh
Co-Founder + Chief Evangelist
Digby has a breadth of legal experience with nearly 40 years in the legal industry, including owning his own law firm for 29 of those years. His knowledge on alternative fee arrangements is influential in the legal industry.
DLCO_team_portraits_template_0001_Scott Leigh (1)
Scott Leigh
Co-Founder + CEO
Scott is a lawyer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, founding several businesses throughout the years while practicing law at the same time. After being involved in the legal industry for over 10 years, Scott turned his full efforts to AltFee.
DLCO_team_portraits_template_0018_Digby C. Leigh
Digby C. Leigh
Co-Founder + COO
Digby brings his 15 years of entrepreneurial and marketing background to the legal industry to provide a fresh strategic perspective to the traditional legal model.