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Create Cost Certainty Clients Love

Intelligently designed fixed fees give clients certainty. Optimize your non-hourly pricing with AltFee's guideline-driven and collaborative platform.
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Product Features

Hourly Billing Never Made Anyone Happy

With AltFee, you get the first comprehensive Alternative Fee Arrangement (AFA) pricing tool that encourages collaboration to leverage your firm's experience to capture value through non-hourly pricing.


Price Matters in Minutes

Scope and price specific client projects and maintain a record of priced projects


Firm-wide Value-Based Pricing

Create a consistent approach with your value-based pricing, using our value modifiers


Optimize with Colleagues

Collaborate, share pricing experiences and make data-driven decisions with team members

Service Descriptions

Description of Services

Create a client facing summary of scope exportable into an engagement letter or email


Clio Integration

Go from scoping and pricing a fixed fee client matter in AltFee to invoicing in Clio with just a few clicks

Template Library

450+ Prebuilt Template Guidelines

Customizable pricing guidelines built by lawyers for lawyers


How Fixed Fees are Transforming the Legal Industry


Boost Revenue

The use of alternative fees allow you to improve realization rates and collection rates, resulting in increased revenue earned.


Improve the lawyer-client relationship

Align the interests of your law firm with its clients, by building trust through the scoping & pricing process, creating win-win results.


Create a Better Workplace for your Staff

Have your staff’s value be based on more than how much time they spend working and enable a highly productive and collaborative workplace.


Win new business

Offering price certainty for your clients will lead to new business opportunities - it's what clients want.


Boost pricing confidence

Implementation of a firm-wide pricing system enables confident scoping and pricing by staff.


Capture your team’s pricing experience

Ensure all of the learnings that your team is experiencing are being captured in a central location for the ongoing benefit of the firm.


Make your Time Count for More

Become more profitable not just from working more, but doing a better job of building systems and creating efficiencies. 


Improve collection rates

Agreeing upon fees upfront allows clients to budget accordingly and eliminates bill shock at the end of a project.

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See AltFee in Action

Join us as we guide you through the scoping and pricing of a typical matter.

Customer Stories

Our Customers Say It Best

Join the community of AFA providing law firms feeling the positive impact of AFAs through the power of AltFee.

We started working with AltFee last year, and it immediately helped us to improve our processes with pricing our matters. We are more efficient, consistent, and confident across our team! The team at AltFee is very helpful and super responsive! They have made the onboarding and execution phases quick and easy.

Ninette, Director of Client Services CompanyCounselLLC_gray-1

Both clients and lawyers increasingly want flat rate legal services. AltFee helps me analyze my services and price flat rate projects intelligently and quickly.  AltFee also helps me track my matters to create a constant feedback loop that lets me increase my revenue and decrease my administrative burden. It has quickly become one of the most essential components of my practice management software. To top it all off, the AltFee team has provided the best onboarding and support I have experienced.

Brian, Estate Planning Attorney Brian_Berman_g

As part of the management team, what I love is being able to provide a level of organization and support around pricing for the staff, especially for our junior lawyers and paralegals. Having the resources available in AltFee to price a project and then collaborate so we are learning each time creates a level of confidence with pricing that we didn’t have before. Systems and efficiencies are priorities for the firm, and this achieves both.

Wendy, COO log-1

AltFee has been instrumental in allowing us to standardize and scale our pricing model. We're able to build dynamic engagements that are customized to our firm and clients. With organized historical data, we're able to price with confidence and maximize results.

John, CEO Anomaly_Logo_G

​​AltFee allows you to manage clients’ expectations throughout a project. By providing a clear scope of work and fixed fees, clients understand the scope of the project and the costs. It eliminates those difficult conversations around time-cost and efficiency so that the team can focus on the important issues and provide effective solutions.

Madeline, Associate Lawyer dlco_logo-1

Ready to Optimize Prices & Boost Revenue?

Start providing cost certainty to improve revenue and collections with AltFee.


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