The cyber security landscape is constantly changing, and AltFee is hyper focused on ensuring that your law firm’s data and your client’s information is protected.


Data Encryption

AltFee applies SSL and TLS best practices to ensure our customer’s information is securely encrypted while being transmitted over the internet.



Data Residency

AltFee’s cloud data hosting facilities are located in Canada.




AltFee’s AWS infrastructure automatically completes daily backups to ensure that our customer’s data is protected at all times.



Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

AltFee administrator accounts utilize MFA to help guard against internet attacks.



Product Features & Controls

Role-Based Permissions

AltFee’s innovative system ensures that while it is only your firm’s pricing officers who can enact instant change to your pricing guidelines, the door is open to ensure that everyone - regardless of seniority - can have their voice heard.

Password Policies

AltFee’s password policies ensure all users have strong passwords with minimum complexity requirements.



Security Training

AltFee provides security training to all of its employees, including security-related training during onboarding of new employees and regular ongoing security check-ins and coaching