ROI Calculator

Pricing a Single Matter

Select a typical matter:
Without AltFee (Hourly)
Number of hours to complete matter
Average blended hourly rate
Average revenue collected
75% is industry average (taking into consideration both billing realization rate & collection rate)
With AltFee
Expected revenue increase using AltFee
Expected collection rate using AltFee
Percentage of your billed fees which are actually collected
Amount recorded for the matter
= total number of hours to complete matter x average blended hourly rate

$ 1750

Net amount earned by law firm
= amount recorded for the matter x average revenue collected

$ 1313

AltFee Impacted Totals
Amount billed to client

$ 2100(+ $345)

Net amount earned by law firm

$ 2058 (+ $745)

AltFee Annual Impact

Firm-Wide AltFee Impact
Number of billing individuals in firm
Estimated number of AltFee priced matters
(per individual, annually)
Annual revenue increase to firm

+ $186,375

Note: This calculator is for illustrative purposes only