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legal software

Legal Software Overview [Types, Challenges, Best Software & More]

Thinking about joining forward-thinking law firms by increasing your tech? You’re not alone. The...

realization rate

Realization Rate 101 For Law Firms

Realization rate. Two words that often strike fear and anxiety in the hearts of legal professionals...

A Complete Guide to Alternative Fee Arrangements

The billable hour has been hanging on for dear life in the legal industry for decades. But both...

cloud law firm

Cloud Law Firm - Definition, Benefits & Best Practices

Digital solutions were once the future, but now they are the present. For a brief period of time,...

legal accounting

Top 5 Legal Accounting Software for Modern Law Firms

Imagining what it was like managing a law firm’s finances before legal accounting software was...

attorney client relation

5 Practical Tips to Improve Attorney Client Relation

How do you show your clients that you’re committed to their success? You can tell them that you...

value based pricing

A Guide to Value Based Pricing for the Legal Industry

Change is normal for any industry. As economies, consumer habits, and world events shape our world,...

law firm pricing

Top 3 Law Firm Pricing Strategies to Implement in 2022

Economic and social factors have been pushing the legal industry to rethink the way it handles...


Moving Away from Hourly Billing

Clients are demanding more price certainty and law firms are responding slowly with alternative fee arrangements, but the traditional mindset of billing by the hour is limiting any significant change

Legal Industry Pricing Trends Report 2023

Surveying legal professionals across the world, the report showcases how AFAs are contributing to increased profits for firms, better use of technology, and better work-life balance and working conditions for legal professionals.