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We're on a mission to improve the legal experience for all. Below you will find an ever-growing collection of resources that we hope will help and inspire you on your own AFA journey.

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Estate Planning Software A Comprehensive Guide

Estate Planning Software: A Comprehensive Guide

One major task that legal firms handle is helping with estate planning. Estate planning is...

DLC x AltFee Case Study

DL&Co. Takes Their AFA System to New Levels with AltFee

Learn how DL&Co. used AltFee to supercharge their AFA system for their entire team.

Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs Client Intake Software for Lawyers

Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs Client Intake Software for Lawyers

To be a successful law firm, it’s vital to focus on the client experience. These days, clients...

Benefits of Law Firm Project Management Software

Enhance Your Law Firm with Legal Project Management Software

Most of us have probably been part of a poorly planned project or two in our lifetime. Whether it’s...

lawyer looking up clouse based legal practise management software

Cloud Based Legal Practice Management Software for Law Firms: A Guide

According to a Gartner report, law firms plan to increase spending on legal tech by almost 200%...

Considerations for Picking the Best Legal Document Automation Software

Considerations for Picking the Best Legal Document Automation Software

Lex est quod notamus. The law is what we write down. This motto of the Chamber of Notaries of Paris...

Legal Timekeeping Software vs Alternative Pricing Solutions

Legal Timekeeping Software vs. Alternative Pricing Solutions

Perhaps there is no task more irritating for lawyers than having to track time. Billing by the...

Enterprise Legal Management Software

Enterprise Legal Management Software: Key Benefits and Choosing One

The legal industry as a whole has experienced quite a few changes in recent years. From increased...

Case Management System Does My Firm Need It

Case Management System: Does My Firm Need It?

A few things hold true in the modern legal industry:

legal practise crm for small legal firms

Legal Practice CRM for Small Legal Firms 101

If you’re a decision-maker at a small law firm, you might not see the immediate value in setting up...

Legal Industry Pricing Trends Report 2023

Surveying legal professionals across the world, the report showcases how AFAs are contributing to increased profits for firms, better use of technology, and better work-life balance and working conditions for legal professionals.