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This Legal Life: NOT Another Legal Podcast

Creating Better Legal Client Relationships with AFAs


Flat Fee Pricing for Lawyers: Why Use Them & How to Not Lose Money

Of all the alternative fee arrangements, flat fees are probably the most straightforward and...


A Guide to Legal Software Cloud Based for Law Firms

Automation, connectivity, interaction, data security, and other similar features have made the...

law tech vs legal tech

Law Tech vs. Legal Tech: Differences and Recommendations

There’s no doubt that technology has changed the legal industry immensely. From enabling remote...

legal matter management software

The Attorney’s Guide to Legal Matter Management Software

The legal industry takes pride in achieving its business objectives and assisting people in various...

A Concise Guide to Law Software Programs and Their Benefits

The legal technology industry has exploded in recent years, and all signs point to continuous growth

Everything to Know About Using a Lawyer App in Your Firm

Over recent years, digital workplace apps have started to rise in the legal industry. These...

lawyer using billing software law firm

Ultimate Guide to Billing Software Law Firm Employees Can Benefit From

According to Thompson Reuters, legal e-billing can make up anywhere from 30-80% of invoices sent...

Legal Technology Trends Legal Professionals Need to Know

2023 Law Firms Technology Trends Professionals Need to Know

Most of us know that it’s in with the new and out with the old in 2023. However, that rule of thumb...

Estate Planning Software A Comprehensive Guide

Estate Planning Software: A Comprehensive Guide

One major task that legal firms handle is helping with estate planning. Estate planning is...

Legal Industry Pricing Trends Report 2023

Surveying legal professionals across the world, the report showcases how AFAs are contributing to increased profits for firms, better use of technology, and better work-life balance and working conditions for legal professionals.