AltFee X Gimbal Webinar - Fearless Flat Fees

Learn how to earn more in your law practice with AltFee + Gimbal. This session delved into utilizing AltFee's platform and your historical data to precisely scope and price services, while increasing firm-wide efficiency and profitability with flat fees.

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AltFee X Gimbal Webinar

How flat fees can help you earn more in your law practice

This informative webinar, presented by Gimbal and AltFee, delves into the transformative potential of flat fees for law practices. Participants gain insight into leveraging historical data and AltFee’s innovative platform to accurately scope and price services, becoming skilled in pricing strategies that reflect the complexity and urgency of tasks. The session highlights how implementing flat fees can significantly increase productivity, profitability, and operational efficiency from the very start of the client intake process. This webinar is ideal for legal professionals aiming to refine their pricing model and elevate their practice’s financial performance.
Watch below to discover how you can confidently price with flat fees!


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