In the News: AltFee Wins the 2024 ABA TechShow StartUp Alley Competition


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  • In the News: AltFee Wins the 2024 ABA TechShow StartUp Alley Competition

We are thrilled to share that AltFee took home the first place prize in the eighth-annual Startup Alley Competition at ABA TECHSHOW 2024, which took place in Chicago from Feb. 14-17. The road to this achievement involved a rigorous multi-stage selection process, including a call for entries, evaluation by a panel of judges, and voting by a global audience. AltFee ultimately secured a spot in the final 15 which provided the opportunity to pitch live to a standing-room-only ballroom. AltFee's pitch focused on the simple idea that AI + Efficiency ≠ Billing by the Hour, a message that clearly landed with attendees who were responsible for voting for the winner.

L-R: Digby C. Leigh, Jack Newton, Scott LeighAltFee has garnered attention within the legal community for our groundbreaking approach to transforming law firm pricing. Our platform serves as a robust foundation for alternative fee structures, empowering firms to precisely assess and assign value to projects. In a landscape where AI and efficiency gains are rapidly shortening task timelines, AltFee ensures alignment between service prices and delivered value, fostering collaboration, data analysis, and confident scoping and pricing.

The ABA is a nationwide organization with 170,000+ members, and the TECHSHOW is their large industry-leading conference focused on bringing together all of the major players in the world of legal technology. 

This recognition underscores AltFee's commitment to reshaping the legal tech landscape and providing innovative solutions to challenges faced by law firms. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our community of supporters for your support! Stay tuned for more updates on AltFee's journey.

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