AltFee X Clio Webinar - Alternative Fee Arrangements

Discover how AltFee and Clio Draft can boost your law firm's efficiency and profitability. Explore alternative fee arrangements, learn about automated tools, and get tips to enhance financial performance in your firm.

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  • AltFee X Clio Webinar - Alternative Fee Arrangements

AltFee X Clio Webinar

How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Efficiency & Profitability

AltFee and our CEO, Scott Leigh, partnered with Clio Draft to host a webinar to share his expertise on alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) and AltFee's impact on law firm efficiency and profitability. This engaging session covered various types of AFAs, including flat fees, stage-based fees, and subscription pricing, and their benefits for law firms. Watch to learn how document automation tools like Clio Draft and practice management platforms like Clio Manage can enhance productivity and profitability. Additionally, gain a deep understanding for the impact AI is having on the pricing of legal services, and watch as we showcase real-world examples of successful alternative fee arrangements through the utilization of AltFee!

Watch below to discover how AFAs can transform your practice!


Legal Industry Pricing Trends Report 2023

Surveying legal professionals across the world, the report showcases how AFAs are contributing to increased profits for firms, better use of technology, and better work-life balance and working conditions for legal professionals.