Launch day is here! 🚀

After a successful beta period with our Trailblazer group where numerous features were added with their input (thanks Trailblazers!), bugs were squashed, and a whole bunch of shine was added to the software, the commercially available product is ready to roll out. The time is now to make AltFee the foundation of your law firm's Alternative Fee Arrangement system — confidently scope and price AFAs so you can practice law without having to charge by the hour. If you'd like to AltFee in action please reach out using our demo form below.

Some exciting new features include:

  • More ways to stay connected with what your team is up to in AltFee, including an activity feed and customizable notifications
  • Automatic change of scope tracker
  • Personalized bookmarks for your most commonly used guidelines
  • A searchable record of all priced projects
  • Additional ways of collaborating with your team, including the ability to add multiple team members to a project
  • And on the less exciting but definitely essential front, a bunch of backend/admin type features like minimum password requirements and seamless password resets

Our team is extremely excited to get AltFee into the hands of more legal teams as we strive to improve the legal experience, for everyone. Thanks for joining us on this journey, we're just getting started!

-Your friends at AltFee

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